I love seeing people at their genuine best. I work with individuals and teams that want to push the limits of what they can achieve. Since 2002 I have partnered with a wide range of groups, organizations and communities to develop leadership, build capacity and positively impact the local and global world.The mission of Sage Resources is to give clients exactly the tools and skills they need to achieve their goals. My services include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Project Coordination
  • Training Consultation

I believe that leadership is everyone’s business, that we are capable of much more than we realize, and that growth and change are always possible. This perspective combined with over 20 years experience in human behavior, leadership and organizational systems has allowed me to expand the limits and successes of numerous groups. I look forward to connecting with you on your unique situation and needs.

“Jere has been an amazing coach for me during an intense time of organizational transition and my own shift to CEO. Her thoughtful reflections of my own words back to me while tying in her personal and professional wisdom made me feel fully heard, validated, and stronger after each session. I have now made the transition and believe much of my current success has been due to her wonderful support!”
Tonya L., Nonprofit CEO

Photo credits Jere Thomas.
I’ve had the great fortune to push my own limits in many beautiful places over the years, and am excited to share photos from some of these travels and adventures.